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My adventures…

March 4, 2010
  • Today I bought 2 Sure for Men deodorants, 2 Gillette men’s deodorants, 2 Gillette Body Washes, 1 Gillette Fusion Shaving Gel, 6 cans of Progresso Soup and 1 Secret Deodorant for $8 with my handy coupons. The body washes were $5.99 regularly so that tells you right there how much I saved. Woo hoo! I am stoked. I also got 9 steaks for $13.  Not too shabby, yo! I think I’m kinda starting to get the hang of this couponing stuff. YAY!!
  • Today Alec and I competed in the DSRL. You know- the Double Stuf Racing League. We are rad. Here’s the video:
  • I will be posting another giveaway tomorrow or Monday.
  • Tonite I’ll be watching “Too Many Babies?” on Discovery Health. It’s starring Ethan and Casey Jones. I cheered with Casey in jr. high and went to jr. and high school with both of them. You may remember I posted about them a lot during the pregnancy and birth… In January 2009 they had quintuplets- 4 girls and a boy. I’m excited to see the show. You can read more about them at I have their button in the sidebar “Joneslife Quintuplet Invasion.”

Making you jealous and more ???s answered

March 26, 2009

*So… yesterday a certian Mama of Glitter stopped by my house. Yes- I got to hang with Glittersmama for a few hours at my house!! Jealous?!? I had the honor of meeting GM in Oregon this past summer. I really like her. She’s very mellow and has a good sense of humor. I liked having the 1-on-1 time with her. I also got to meet the famous Glitter. Livie couldn’t stop talking about “playing with her friend.” While they were playing Liv kept calling Glitter “friend.” “Friend, come here.” “Friend, wanna play with my kitchen?” I corrected her several times, but by the time GM and Glitter left, Glitter was answering to “Friend.” It was pretty cute! Thanks GM for making time for me in your awesome road trip! What a fun adventure!! (Pictures will be here soon. GM took some…)

* 4 out of 5 of the Jones Quints are home now. Welcome home Jack, Ryan, Brooklyn and Lila!!

* Livie went with Sei to my dad’s office the other day and has been talking about playing with the rubber stamps since then. She brought home a paper stamped with my dad’s signature, “TAXPAYERS COPY”, etc… and she thinks it’s the coolest thing. I’ll have to get her some stamps.

*There’s still some questions I need to answer from my post a few posts back…
Glittersmama asked:
What do you eat for breakfast? What are good Atkins-worthy snacks?

Well… when I wasn’t totally cheating like I have been for 2 weeks I would eat some bacon or eggs for breakfast. But right now I’ve been stuck on Rice Krispies and I really need to get back on to Atkins. For some reason when I cheat I cheat BAD. BAD. So… I need to reign myself back in. Favorite snacks on Atkins: Bacon. It’s like candy when you can’t have candy. I also like devilled eggs and you can eat jello too.

Nancy asked:
How often do you floss?
I’m really bad about flossing. Maybe once a month? But everytime I go to the dentist they say “Wow! Your teeth look great. We can always tell the flossers from those that don’t.” Yessssssssss…. On the otherhand, Sei is a maniac flosser. I gave him a bag of floss at Christmas.

Do you ever go to bed without washing off your makeup?
NEVER. It grosses me out. Even if I fall asleep on accident if I wake up I will get up in the middle of the nite, wash my face and brush my teeth. I MUST!!!

Lauren asked:
Do you like meat loaf?

Well… generally I’d say “no” because anything named “Meat Loaf” has to be gross. But I do like MY meatloaf.
Or did you mean the singer???

I’ll answer some more later. I’m taking it sloooow. 🙂
Could I ask for prayers from y’all? There’s some major crap going on here. No details- sorry. But I will say it has to do with a stack of papers (filled with a load of lies) we were served from Canada a few days ago. Seiuli’s an awesome father- no matter what kind of crap some people want to make up. Y’all all know that, as does ANYONE who knows Seiuli. It makes me sick that people would tell lies just to get more money??? And by taking all that money a family is left wondering if they are going to have to sell their home, uproot their family yet again, etc… No Tad Award is big enough.

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Dis and a lil bit of dat

March 17, 2009

~ 2 of the quints are coming home today!!! YAY!! Congrats Ethan and Casey!
**EDITED TO ADD: Baby Jack – the lone boy- came home. They thought there would be 2 coming, but so far only Jack has been released.

~ I went to Plato’s Closet the other day. My mom told me they have super cute purses. Ok, I’m just not stylish I guess because I looked at all those purses and all I thought was, “Yep, those are purses alright.” I have no clue what would be cute or cool or whatever…

~ Tristan, Alec and Izzy are at the ex’s this week for Spring break. It sucks because Taj and Liv won’t sleep upstairs. Liv usually sleeps with Iz and Taj sleeps with Alec. So now Taj is on a mattress on the floor in our room and Liv is pushing me off the bed and having explosive nocturnal tourettes.

~ So, I’ve lost 16 pounds on Atkins. And I guess I’m slowly adding more carbs. I started by eating carbs on the weekend- though not a ton. I’m trying to watch calories, exercise, etc… I just wanna be a hottie. Is that too much to ask?

~ I like to comment on Seiuli’s Facebook wall everyday. He likes to delete my comments every evening. Apparently saying things like, “Hey babe, tonite how ’bout you dress up as a cop and I’ll pretend to be a shoplifter…” embarrasses him. But if he wrote something like that on MY wall I would LOVE it. Go figure…

~ A co-worker of Sei’s sent him a text that said something like “I tagged up a bunch of your pics on Facebook… your wife is a trip… takes someone special to stay fun with that many kids… and to stay thin… you’re a lucky man” or something like that. I was reading it over Sei’s shoulder so I’m not positive of the last part. He’s either “lucky” or “blessed.” 😉 I thought it was nice. Sei tells me I’m a trip and thin all the time, but to have some random person say it made me feel good. I mean, I love Sei, but I’m also sleeping with him. If he said “You’re annoying and fat” he’d look stupid. lol

~ Favorite comment of the week so far:
Dear diary:I read a blog post today that included both the words “pimp” and “hymn.”
By Omar.
I thought the same thing when I wrote it… well, not the “Dear Diary” but the rest.

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Hodge podge

January 12, 2009

** So… I changed my background and whatnot (That’s for you Nobo.) What do y’all think??

** Y’all know I am shamefully a Rock Of Love fan right? S and I are sisters of skank and watch the show. This season it all takes place on tour with Bret Michaels. I watched the premiere and you know what? They may have met my limit of skank for the season in the very 1st episode. I told S that I think I got a blackeye from all the 3-D boobs. Thankfully other shows are back like my beloved “24” so I may be able to pull my eyes away from the ROL train wreck. I think.

** Liv successfully wore panties to Alec’s basketball game on Saturday and to church on Sunday if you don’t count her pooping her pants at church. 😛 Any ideas with getting her to do it in the toilet?? She’s got the pee down, just not the #2.

** Well, I was totally against going back on Atkins, but I have not budged a pound since mid-November. I have been working out at least 5 times a week for an hour each time, toning with weights 2x week, taking weight loss products and trying not to eat too horribly and the weight is all still there. And then some. What is up with that? I keep telling myself I’ve built muscle which is heavier and any day now my thighs and butt will just start melting off. But I’m tired of waiting for that day so I am doing what I know has worked for me in the past. As much as I hate it. I’ll letcha know how it goes.

** Remember the Jones family who are expecting quintuplets? She will probably deliver any day now. She’s been in the hospital for a couple of days and will stay til she delivers. They made it past their 1st goal of 28 weeks. Now she is about 29.5 weeks. They would love to make it 32 but it’s probably not gonna happen. Please pray for their family. Pray for Casey to feel comfort- she is miserable right now. Pray for the babies to be healthy when they come.

** Livie will be 3 on the 25th (Millie’s bday). She informed me she would love a “Balloon Birthday” party. So… we’re gonna have balloons all over even though she probably has no clue what she was talking about when she said that.

** In July we are taking a family vacation to Florida. I am like already counting down the days. I CAN NOT wait!! I think I probably daydream about hanging out of a beach more than my surfer hubby. (Probably because he gets to run off to Cali and Hawaii on a whim…;)

And… that’s all I’ve got. Sorry this is lame.

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November 18, 2008

I mentioned a few weeks ago that a girl I cheered with in jr. high is pregnant with quintuplets. Her name is Casey and her husband was in my 7th grade math class- his name is Ethan. I never really knew Ethan very well other than the fact that he went by the name “Wrangler” in school. I called him “Ethan” once in 7th grade and he told me, “Don’t ever call me that again.” I never did. LOL! Casey and I didn’t run in the same circles, but we chatted occasionally thru high school. I was a punk so I doubt either of them wanted to hang with me- understandably. 😉 Anyway… he and Casey were high school sweethearts and were married in 1999. They have a sweet 4 year old daughter named Eliot.

Y’all know that I am a “Jon and Kate” freak so watching the story of Casey and Ethan unfold has been amazing. She is about 21 weeks pregnant right now with 5 babies- 4 girls and a boy. I keep up with them on Facebook and thru their blog at It is awesome to almost feel apart of what’s going on even though they are miles away from me. The site tells their whole struggle to conceive and how these sweet babies (including Eliot) came to be. It really is amazing.

Anyway… with 5 babies comes a ton of needs. Their website lays out their needs as far as material and volunteers for when the babies are born. It’s a great site. You can also see pictures of the growing belly and let me tell you- no one should look that great pregnant, especially preggers with quints! If you could take a minute to check out their site and maybe pass on the link to others you may know I know that Casey and Ethan would appreciate it. They have been very unselfish with sharing their story. And I personally think it’s fun to get the updates. 🙂 Prayers are also very appreciated as right now is very critical. They are hoping to make it to New Years as a 1st goal which would be 28 weeks. So, if you do anything please pray for those babies to hang on and not try to come early.

Thanks y’all!

**Check them out on the news!

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